Manage and Monetize your private Telegram community

Monetizee provides all the necessary technology to create membership plans, manage recurring payments, control access, and much more, so you can turn your Telegram community into a source of recurring income.

Monetize quickly

The best features to monetize your private Telegram group or channel

Monetizee aims to make your life easier by managing the paid users of your group or channel so you don't have to worry about it daily :)

Membership security
We take care of removing users who don't pay and including those who acquire a new membership plan.
Point of sale
We provide you with a URL where your followers can view and purchase a membership plan. This page is indexed on Google and also promoted on our social networks

Turn Telegram into a recurring income source

Receiving monthly income through memberships is a highly scalable, practical, and recommended business model. You only need to provide value to your target audience.


Fidelity plans Monetizee

We offer membership plans ideal for scaling along with your community. Access better features when you need them.